Home Inspection Process

Home Inspection Process

Selecting a Home Inspector

"Have a professional home inspection done on any property that you are seriously considering. The home inspector should be someone you choose yourself, not someone chosen by an agent. You want a completely unbiased, independent review of the property."  Click on link below for details

Date 2/13/19


Scheduling the Home Inspection

Lewis Home Inspection will accommodate your schedule. It is extremely important that you be present for the home inspection. Schedule a date and time that works for you and your Realtor. You need the Realtor present to access the home. If you are buying direct from the seller, the seller should be present.


Lewis Home Inspection will give you a detailed explanation of our process including:

An over view of CT State Standards;

We will give you a copy the standards; 

We will explain how to read our home inspection report;

Your home inspection report will be emailed by the end of the following day and lab results will be delivered by email as soon as available;

We encourage you to follow us during the inspection to show you defects as we find them;

We review defects found at the end of the inspection including pictures of defects.


Your home inspection report will clearly identify defects found. We provide pictures which are very helpful for you, the seller and Realtors to understand defects. The appropriate contractors will be recommended to repair defects.

“If the home inspection reveals that some repairs are needed, your agent will communicate this in writing to the seller, who may then choose to give you, the buyer, a credit at closing or fix the problems. Be sure that any home improvement contractor, electrician or plumber hired by the seller is appropriately registered or licensed by the Department of Consumer Protection as required by law. Ask for a Connecticut license number and verify the license  and its complaint history before the work is started.”  Click on link below for details

Date: 12/7/19