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Andree – Amherst MA area

MA Review I am buying a house in the Amherst MA area and George Lewis has done two great, thorough home inspections. The first one uncovered so many problems with the house that we decided not to buy. The second one has also uncovered some structural problems, but on balance with the home's strengths, which Mr. Lewis also points out, we will move onto the next step. Each homeowner was amazed at the detailed level of his inspections--they certainly never had their house inspected like this when they bought it. Mr. Lewis brings in independent pest inspectors whose work is invaluable, uncovering separate ant and bee infestations in both houses, and he also goes the extra mile in crawl spaces others don't look at, where there are structural problems to be found. We were exhausted after both inspections, but we felt we knew 99% of what both houses had--the good as well as the bad. I can't recommend Mr. Lewis highly enough. 

City: Uxbridge, MA

MA Review Project: Inspect a Home   "He did a wonderful job and because of this we got the problems fixed and we have purchased a nice home. Thanks" 

City: Belchertown, MA

MA Review Project: Inspect a Home   "I was concerned with the short time I had for the inspection because I had been going back and forth with the seller, but George had no problem with the short notice and was able to work with my Realtor to get the inspection completed. I was extremely happy when I arrived on site and George had been there a little while before me and he had already started looking around and explained what he saw and why he had the concerns he had. There were a couple of times in which my realtor almost discounted what he was saying, by stating it would have been covered under warranty, and George didn't hesitate to let him know he was working for me. GREAT!"

Customer: Lisa D

City: Westfield, MA

MA Review Project: Inspect a Home   "George was great. He showed up on time and was very thorough. He took the time with us to explain in detail what he found. I would recommend him and his service to all!"    

Customer: Becky C.

City: Fall River, MA

MA Review Project: Inspect a Home   "Very professional and thorough"    

City: Wilbraham, MA

MA Review Project: Inspect a Home   "Mr. Lewis was extremely efficient and courteous. I would definitely recommend him or use him again. Thanks"    

Customer: Claire V.

City: Rutland, MA

MA Review Project: Inspect a Home   "George did 2 home inspections for us. I didn't buy the condo, based on what the inspection revealed. And I hired him again when I found a new unit. So, yes, I'd definitely recommend him to a friend. "   

Customer: Debbie h.

City: New Bedford, MA

MA Review Project: Inspect a Home   "George Lewis did an excellent job."    

Customer: Eric R.

City: Attleboro, MA

MA Review Project: Inspect a Home   "Very thorough, friendly, knowledgeable, and lots of helpful suggestions." 

City: Springfield, MA

MA Review Project: Inspect a Home   "Was very professional, arrived early and was extremely helpful in making his recommendations"    

Customer: Raymond D.

Project: Inspect a Home   "George showed up early and stayed late. He did a thorough and very professional job. I will definitely use his services again."  

City: Worcester, MA

MA Review Project: Inspect a Home   "Mr. Lewis was very thorough and well worth the money spent. Both of us highly recommend him."  


MA Review Project: Inspect a Home   "He was prompt, informative and courteous. I will highly recommend him to everyone looking for an inspector!"


MA Review Project: Inspect a Home   "George was very open and honest. He made very good suggestions that we are following up on. He went out of his way to make sure we understood the reasons why things had to be fixed. Overall George knew his job very well and he made sure we understood what had to be done. GOOD JOB! THANK YOU!"