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George Lewis

"The Buyer's Home Inspector"



Price Quotes

Interior condo mechanical structural home inspection is $200.


Standard single family mechanical structural home inspection is $300.

Add $100 to mechanical structural on homes over 2,000 square feet.

Add $100 to mechanical structural on homes over 100 years old.

Multiple family homes are the single family mechanical structural fee plus $50 per additional unit. 

Full home inspection 

package on a standard single family home includes mechanical structural, wood destroying insect, basic water quality, water flow, radon in water and radon in air for $700.

Call for individual pricing on additional services if you don't need the full package. 

Call 860-208-6297 for a quote. 

 A typical single family home will take 2 to 3 hours to inspect and a over sized or antique home will take 4 to 5 hours to inspect.  We will provide you with an estimated inspection time so you can plan accordingly.

Lewis Home Inspection Provides Home Buyers With:

An Independent Home Inspection.

This means:

We don't market Real Estate Offices;

We don't ask Realtors for work;

We work with your Realtor, but never for your Realtor;

We work for the Buyer.

Buyers receive and unbiased evaluation of the home.


Over 30 years Home Improvement and Building Experience.

During the home inspection the Home Inspector will educate the Buyer on the inspection process and the home.

Insured Inspector with Home Inspection License. 


Connecticut, Rhode Island & Massachusetts Home Buyer's Inspector

Lewis Home Inspection provides Buyers with a wide variety of home inspection services. We provide Buyers with a thorough and unbiased evaluation of the home they may be buying. Your report is confidential to protect your financial interest. The buyer is encouraged to be at the inspection so the inspector can educate them on the inspection process. It is important for the buyer to view defects and understand there potential financial impact. Our inspectors do late in the day starts and work weekends so you don’t miss time from work. Real Estate transactions are time sensitive, for this reason we schedule your inspection quickly. The computer generated report and pictures of major visual defects are emailed within 24 hours of the inspection.  Lewis Home Inspection serves Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.



Most customers find Lewis Home Inspection on the Internet or from referrals from previous customers, Mortgage Companies, Banks and Attorney's. Referrals from all are appreciated and welcome.  Referrals will not alter how the company conducts inspections or conveys inspection findings. 



Provide an unbiased Home Inspection Report 

Honesty in Reporting

Avoid and Disclose Conflicts of Interest

Treat all Clients with Equality

Comply with State Laws

We conduct our inspections under guidelines set forth by applicable state standards. 

A thorough home inspection is essential to protecting your financial investment

At Lewis Home Inspection we offer a thorough home inspection by a CT and MA licensed home inspector at a competitive price. All major defects are listed in summary on one page in the home inspection report, which makes it easy for you to make an informed decision on the home you are considering buying.  The computer generated report and pictures are emailed the next day.

Our loyalty is to you, George is “The Buyers Home Inspector”. 

Working with a Buyer's Agent

"Have a professional home inspection done on any property that you are seriously considering. The home inspector should be someone you choose yourself, not someone chosen by an agent. You want a completely unbiased, independent review of the property."  Click on link below for details

Date 2/13/19

Information for Real Estate Agents about Home Inspectors

"According to the statute which governs home inspectors, all real estate agents ... other than the buyer's broker from "directly" recommending a home inspector." Click on link below for details

Date 2/13/19